posted :18th october 2019

Majlis Pelancaran Dasar Pengangkutan Negara​ 2019

Dasar Pengangkutan Negara (DPN) 2019 – 2030 was officially launched by our beloved Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad on 17th of October 2019. The ceremony has taken place at KL Sentral. Basically, DPN is a bigger framework of direction for development in every aspect which related to transportation issues in Malaysia, given its own time period, from the aspect of usability to trading. of direction of development for every aspect related to transportation in Malaysia, depending to the time period from now to future, either in aspect of usability nor trading.

Truthfully, whatever the approach or decision that would be taken, it will be based on the objective and direction of this Dasar Pengangkutan Negara. DPN does not only discuss about mainland transportation, private and public, it also involves the airline transportation and shipping industry.

The Minister of Transport, Anthony Loke, had highlighted three objectives or main vision of DPN’s framework. “In future, all decision must fulfil the objective of DPN. It also needs to give positive feedback as has been set in and align with this vision,” said him.

The three main positive feedbacks that have been mentioned by Anthony Loke revolved around every decision making which related to the transportation should deliver positive effect to the development and competitive economy; also, to the social and society and lastly, to the environment.

Other than that, the government also needs to set up the five main core basics of this frameworks, as below:
a) Strengthen the governance towards the conducive environment for transportation sector.
b) Optimize, assemble and maintain the infrastructures, services and line of transportation to maximize its competency.
c) Increase the safety aspect, integration, continuity and accessibility to ease the journey.
d) Advancing towards green transportation ecosystem.
e) Expand the global mark and to promote transportation services internationally.

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